Our Covid-19 Plan of Action

Our Covid-19 Plan of Action

Our Covid-19 Plan of Action 1920 1080 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

How we are dealing with the pandemic

The Flower Pots Inn and Brewery is an important part of the Cheriton community. In fact, The “Pots”, as the pub is affectionately known, is very much a part of the village family.

So, when we first heard about a possible pandemic, we took every precaution to protect our staff and the local community. Here is the story of how we put our Covid-19 protection plan into action.

One of the first pubs to close down

Before the lockdown even came into effect, we took steps to ensure everyone was safe. The “Pots” was one of the first pubs in the county to shut down. Whilst some were gutted about our decision (as they love our food and beer so much!) we knew it was the right thing to do.

By shutting down the pub early, we were trying to protect our employees and customers.

Planning for the future

When we closed down the Inn we knew that it would not stay closed forever. We also realised that when we did reopen, things would not go back to ‘normal’ straight away.

This is why we invested in a refurbishment of the premises, so we could not only increase the seating area but also create a larger outdoor seating space. This way, we could ensure that our customers could keep the right amount of distance from each other and not be limited to sitting inside.

The lockdown was the perfect time to make structural changes inside the Inn too. Since we would not have any customers, no one would be inconvenienced.

Also, with the new look for the premises, we also felt it was time to get a new look for our brand.

Bottling beer

As you may know, we are passionate about our award-winning cask ales and beer. We know our customers love them too so wanted to ensure they could enjoy their favourite drink in the safety of their homes.

However, the problem was that 5, 10, 20 litres of boxed beer were too much for home consumption. It would be much more feasible to be able to offer them bottled beer in smaller quantities.

As we did not have the facilities for bottling beer, we decided to get started on installing a process as soon as possible.

Delivery and collection

With our bottled beer ready to go, we opened up the brewery to allow customers to come and collect their favourite beverage.

Furthermore, following the introduction of our fleet of vans, we have been able to deliver our beers to our customers too.

Online shop

We also quickly set up an online shop where customers can browse and choose their favourite cask ales and beer. We offer a free delivery service for all mainland Hampshire postcodes too.

If you would like to know more about our beer or the steps we have taken to keep our staff and customers safe during the Covid-19 crisis, feel free to send us an email.

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