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Beer FAQs

At The Flower Pots Brewery we only brew cask ale. This means living beer conditioned in casks that we can deliver to our retail and trade customers with the right equipment to store and serve it correctly.

Frequently asked questions about our beer

At The Flower Pots Brewery, we only brew cask ale, ‘Bright Beer’, for the public and retail trade. This living beer is conditioned in casks that we can deliver to pubs and clubs with the right equipment to store and serve it correctly.

What is sedimented beer?

With cask ale, the beer is still a live product with yeast sediment inside to further condition the beer. If you buy beer sedimented it should be left unmoved for 2 days to allow all the yeast particles to settle at the bottom before being poured.

What is bright beer?

The name says it all. We separate the cloudy living yeast from the ale so all you are left with is crystal clear ‘Bright’ beer.

What temperature should I serve bright beer at?

We condition our ales at between 11º-13ºC and believe this temperature suits our beers, but many enjoy pale ales at cooler temperatures.

If you store our ale cold in a fridge, this will improve its shelf life but it may develop a ‘Chill Haze’ which is nothing to worry about. Only the look of the beer is affected not the taste or quality.

A great way to keep your beer cool on a hot day is to slip a freezer block into the box between the bag and the box wall, or in the autumn/winter months storing beer in an outside shed or utility room is perfect.

How long will bright beer keep?

This depends on how you store it. Opened it should be drunk within one to two days. Unopened in cool and dark conditions it will easily keep for five days from the racking date stated on the side of the box. Like most food and drink it will not last long if warm and exposed, plus the warmer it gets the flatter the product will be, but this is nothing to worry about as the beer will still taste great. Do not forget though that this is a perishable product and will still go off in time.

If you’re concerned that your beer has gone off, take a sip and check. There are no known pathogens present in any beer so do not be afraid to taste what you have left over to see if it still tastes good.

Why is there a gas bubble in my bag?

Our beer contains dissolved Carbon Dioxide which occurs during the conditioning process. In the poly bags contained in the boxes, Carbon Dioxide is released and forms bubbles. If too much of it collects you can release it by holding the tap open above the bag and squeezing the bag until all the gas is released.

How do I tap a firkin of Flower Pots bright beer?

You will require a mallet, one of our taps, a spile and an area that can be easily cleaned. It can get quite messy.

With the firkin placed on its side, gently tap the wooden spile into the round coloured shive. This will release the pressurisation in the firkin.

Then place the pointy end of the tap in the middle of the circular plastic grey ‘key stone’ and strike firmly until it feels secure. Make sure the tap is at the bottom/front side, where it is most easily accessed for refilling your pint glass.

There is no need to worry about allowing any sediment to settle in the beer, as we have prepared the beer ‘bright’ resulting in no sediment and can be consumed immediately after tapping.

Curious about our process?

Learn more about how we brew our delicious Bright Beer.

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