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The Pots Barn update 768 1024 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

The Pots Barn update

The Pots Barn 2 Hello everyone, So the race is on to get the big dig at the back of the Inn completed before we…

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Our Special Ales 768 1024 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Our Special Ales

Coming up – Our Specials! Hello everyone, Earlier in the year, “Pre-Vac”, the boys brewed a gyle of Wildfire (5.7%) to give things a change…

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Food question? 1000 1000 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Food question?

Food question? Hello everyone, In Lockdown 1, we rebuilt the kitchen.  In Lockdown 2, when the Inn was full of seated customers, the Kitchen got…

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Wildfire (5.7% abv) 419 526 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Wildfire (5.7% abv)

Wildfire (5.7% abv) Hello everyone. Thought we would try and banish some of those February blues and so we decided to swap a few things…

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Guess The Hops 596 448 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Guess The Hops

Guess The Hops Win a £30 Beer Voucher – How many Hop varieties do we use?  UPDATE 7TH FEBRUARY.  The answer was 26.  All five…

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The Pots Barn 946 759 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

The Pots Barn

The Pots Barn There are too many adjectives to describe the pandemic that besets us.  Really not going to try and list them, but as…

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