Please click "Directions" for the quickest route to The Pots during the Road Closure.
Please click "Directions" for the quickest route to The Pots during the Road Closure.
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Cheriton Roadworks

Cheriton Roadworks 882 738 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Cheriton Roadworks15 April - 3rd May Road Works  Some of our customers have asked about the quickest way…

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CAMRA Cask Ale Awards

CAMRA Cask Ale Awards 2560 1920 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

CAMRA awards - two of them!! We are very proud that our Pots Bitter won the Silver award…

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Fullback (4.6% abv)

Fullback (4.6% abv) 419 526 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Fullback - Rugby Special! Six Nations rugby always gets us going, even if some of our crew are…

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Cool Parking

Cool Parking 1280 720 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Cool Parking - Not! Last Sunday was certainly eventful!  As you can see from the video, we had…

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Wildfire (5.7% abv)

Wildfire (5.7% abv) 419 526 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Wildfire (5.7% abv) is back! It is back.  Banish the February blues with our single batch of Wildfire…

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Stottidge Stout

Stottidge Stout 419 526 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Stottidge Stout Stunning!  We cannot keep it all for ourselves, so here is your chance to get some. …

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Fresh Beer

Fresh Beer 1706 2560 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Fresh Beer Water, Malting Barley, Hops and Yeast and with a touch of magic, you end up with…

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Four Candles (3.5% abv)

Four Candles (3.5% abv) 500 367 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

A Festive Friend Four Candles (3.5% abv) is our Christmas Session Ale.  Full of Amarillo and Goldings hops,…

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Malting Barley & Hops Time

Malting Barley & Hops Time 596 448 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

Barley & Hops Time What ingredients do you need to make a pint of beer?  As you probably…

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SIBA Cask Ale Awards

SIBA Cask Ale Awards 294 294 Flowerpots Inn & Brewery

2023 South East Awards SIBA?  For those of you who are not aware of SIBA, well they are…

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